I am a freelance photographer, producer, and filmmaker. My passions take me up into the mountains where I always have my camera on hand, allowing me to focus on producing media and content for the adventure keen. I live on the road and try to focus most of my energy into leading a sustainable life that values quality experiences in the outdoors above all else. With the flexibility to follow the seasons and explore new terrain, I am constantly inspired by the people I meet and the stories that follow them.

In between assignments and production work, I spend most of my time at campsites around the western lands of North America. My daily activities always include climbing, trail running, or taking photos for my daily blog




Clients past + present: 

Sender Films | REEL ROCK Film Tour | Louder Than Eleven

Patagonia | The North Face | Eddie Bauer | Black Diamond | Mountain Standard | Skida | Kingflyer Collective | Alpine Earth Works

Alaska Mountaineering School | Mt Washington Vally Ice Fest | Avid 4 Adventure | Service to Summit | Building Homes for Heroes