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Orr's Island Clambake

Originally posted on August 19th, 2016

In 2011, my aunt and uncle hosted a clambake for the family off the coast of Maine at their house on Orr’s Island. It was such a success that we’ve had one every summer and it has quickly become one of my favorite weekends of the year. The day is packed full with activities and it’s a wonderful day to reconnect with a side of my family that I usually only see once a year. I even made a short video back in 2013 that encapsulates everything I love so much about that day.


For the past few months I’ve been bummed that I wouldn’t be able to make it this August. Along with my cousin Tommy, the two of us are the only “kids” to have kept a perfect attendance over the past five years. So when I found out I had a few extra days off I immediately booked my tickets and planned a surprise visit to the east coast.

The trip didn’t disappoint. It was a quintessential Nelson clambake equipped with boat rides, clambake assembly, watching the uncles argue over the fire building process, undercooked lobsters, lots of wine and beer, and of course pie. The whole process is wonderful, but all of the people who come together to make it happen are what I love the most.

It was great to see the family as usual, but it was also great to reconnect with my old life on the east coast, something I rarely do these days. It was fun to photograph a different scene, too. The ocean sure is pretty.

Eliza Earle