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Up, Down, and Around

Originally posted on May 9, 2017

At the beginning of the year, I got back on the horse and started producing again. I hadn’t produced any projects since I left my job at Sender Films at the end of 2015 and wasn’t totally sure if I ever wanted to produce again, anyways. But my friend Colette put me in touch with Jon Glassberg, founder of Louder than Eleven, and I hopped on a hilarious road trip that involved filming a scooter mission from Boulder to Aspen in the dead of winter. I jived really well the crew and found myself enjoying the producer role again, so I started committing to more projects with these dudes.

One of the projects I’ve been working on with LT11 is a four-part video series for Buff Headwear. The videos focus on endurance athletes Anton Krupicka and Joe Grant as they run, climb, bike, and ski around Colorado. It was definitely one of the largest commercial projects that I’ve taken on, involving four different locations, limited schedule opportunities, and classic inclement weather forecasts. But we pulled it off and ended up having an incredibly fun (albeit rather epic) road trip across Colorado. 

I ended up taking quite a few BTS shots and thought I’d share a bunch of the images here. We were pretty lucky with some beautiful locations. It was definitely one of the more “fine art” pieces I’ve ever filmed and I’m psyched to see how it comes together. 

Eliza Earle